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Reputation for developing multicultural outreach campaigns that drive positive change.

We are a full-service public affairs agency specializing in strategic outreach, social justice, community engagement, public participation, regulatory negotiations and media relations. 

For over two decades, our business has largely come from (our reputation with) satisfied clients who know from experience that we have the expertise, passion and commitment to meet and surpass their expectations.


Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.

We’ll effectively tell your story. We appreciate that your project is unique and our strategies will be customized to meet those needs. From comprehensive programmatic campaigns, to the creation of easily understandable and engaging collateral materials, we help you sustain interest and manage identified areas of risk.


We believe in the power of engaged participation by all potentially affected communities.

Early identification of stakeholders, issues, and areas of resistance are crucial to the success of any project.  We create respectful, safe places for people to share their concerns and come up with workable solutions. We specialize in forming and facilitating working groups such as community advisory panels, technical advisory boards, and issue-specific groups to enhance community understanding of project issues.


Leverage regulatory metrics to obtain project approvals.

To achieve your desired outcome, you need a winning regulatory strategy. Working together, we create that strategy, assist in the preparation and review of regulatory materials (applications and requirements), and help resolve regulatory issues (for real estate and environmental remediation projects).  We provide regulatory training to educate you and your stakeholders on the decision-making process, metrics used, and how to leverage them.

Our staff has worked for the US EPA, DTSC, and the Water Board and more.  Our access to ex-regulators and regulatory executive management and staff helps us complete our goal of getting clients’ projects approved and moving projects towards completion. We facilitate meetings with clients and regulators and utilize strategies that help optimize results.


Our certifications help clients meet their diversity and local spend goals.

City of Oakland

City of Oakland

Local Business Enterprise

County of Alameda

Alameda County

Small, Local, Emerging Business

No. 16-00024


Women’s Business Enterprise National Council


No. 2005124712

Certified CA GSA Small Biz

California State

GSA, Small Business

No. 2010240

CA Unified Cert Program

California United Certification Program


No. 5KN00015


Bay Area Rapid Transit

Small, Disadvantaged Business

40-Hour Hazwoper


40-Hour Certified

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Small Business Supplier of the Year

Craig Communications

Diversity Journal

Woman to Watch

Tracy Craig

You kept us informed of all issues that might have impacted our ability to perform our daily functions. I was truly worried about the impact this project might have on my business. But the entire construction crew made the impacts minimal. Thank you all for your professionalism, continued outreach, and efforts to keep me informed.

Business Owner

Our appreciation of you and your staff is not exclusively ours. The sentiment is repeatedly expressed by PG&E and Chevron project managers, property owners and tenants, regulators and local agencies, and the general public. ...you are that special, secret ingredient in the illusive recipe of repeated success.

President, Environmental Engineering Firm

Bay Point’s largely Latino population is hard to engage. [Craig Communications] has done an outstanding job earning the respect of community members, building relationships and giving back to the Bay Point community.

Contra Costa County District Supervisor